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What is cumail?

Cumail is a bourne shell script written in bash and dialog that allows you to have a hardering version of qmail providing a complete MTA with clear e-mails by Spamassassin and Clamav. You will able to manage your MTA via web trough Qmailadmin and Vqadmin.

This script is completely operational with pkgsrc, so strictly speaking this script run in any platform supported by pkgsrc, see the pkgsrc supported platforms for more information.

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What i need?

SMTP Feats

You can find more feats here

Work in progress

As soon as possible we will get into pkgsrc and make a complete pkgsrc-package for cumail.


Who we are

currently we are slave on jails working everyday, out of that we develop cumail. So, we need help. Are you interested on help cumail?? contact us Mauricio Barrera Sebastian Yoma.

Qmail is not OpenSource!!

In case you're wondering, qmail is not open source, and does not qualify for use of the OSI-Certified trademark. Other programs which Dan Bernstein licenses similarly, including djbdns, ucspi-tcp, and daemontools, are also not open source. For a program to be "open source", you must be able to, among other things, change the source and redistribute it. DJB prohibits distribution of modified code and so programs which are so-licensed are not open source. Other code written by DJB has been placed into the pubulc domain. Pubulc domain code is unlicensed, and it qualifies for use of the OSI-certified trademark. Logo Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict